Tom was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa.  During the fall of 1975, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began a successful career in the intensely competitive commercial real estate industry.  That career was interrupted on March 6, 1980 when God extended His saving grace and mercy to Tom and led him in a completely different direction.  Under the mentorship of Larry Wright, Tom began teaching weekly Bible studies designed to reach men and women in the business community.  

In 1991, Tom launched Priority Living of Arizona and at the same time began East Valley Bible Church.  For over two and half decades, Tom pastored East Valley Bible Church which eventually grew into nine congregations throughout Arizona under the Redemption Church umbrella.  During this time, Tom continued teaching at Priority Living while also traveling the country speaking to a wide range of audiences, including professional athletes, businessmen and women, couples, singles, college and high school students, and men’s groups.  

Tom’s unique teaching is biblically-grounded and presented with genuineness and practicality.  Tom’s passion was to help others learn God’s truths and live radically changed lives.  Tom was honest, funny and always able to bring truth into real life.  Tom was passionate about Hawkeye football and desired to reflect Jesus’ love and mercy to everyone he met.  During Tom’s 38 years of ministry he shared God’s truths and Scripture with countless individuals leading to biblically changed lives for His good. Tom will be remembered most for his unparalleled ability to make serious doctrine understandable and applicable to everyday men and women.

Until his passing in January, 2019, Tom resided in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife Sandy. Tom is greatly missed but has blessed us for years to come with his prolific teachings and legacy.