Seeing God in His Creation

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On May 25th Sandy and I celebrated our 6thwedding anniversary.  It’s ok. You missed your opportunity to send a gift card or a present, but now you have more than sufficient warning for next year.  

That morning Sandy gave me a book titled “3 Minute Devotions for Men”.   Don’t be misled by the title.  It could easily have been called “3 Minute Devotions for Men, Women and Students.”  There is a simple pattern to each day’s reading.  A scripture, the author’s thoughts on the passage and a closing prayer.

I have attached one of the devotionals.  It seems perfect for the vacation season (really it is appropriate for any time of year). This summer whether you find yourself in the Northeast, the Midwest, in the mountains, or at the beach, pondering what follows should be helpful as you observe the world around you.  It is short in length but long in substance.  Enjoy.

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Kyle Aulerich