October 2019

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Go Hawks!  

They started the season with a 3-0 and now Hawkeye fans are licking their wounds after their first loss of the season.    Reality hurts.     

Relationships, jobs, careers, games, possessions . . . they start off effortlessly with positive vibes and emotional highs and then, well, somehow difficulties, boredom and the mundane sets in.  Expectations are not met, and the exhilarating headiness of the win begins to dissipate. It happens in big ways and in small seemingly unimportant areas of our lives. And it hurts. It is the reality of living in a broken world.  

Tom was good at dealing with the hard parts of life.  He taught lessons on “Mastering the Mundane,” how to stay committed, and how to live, even while aging, with hope and expectation.  He made it fun. Each one of us could relate as Tom talked about his frustrations – the traffic light that was always red, the Hawkeyes and their less than perfect season, the invisibility and humbleness of getting old.  Tom would self-proclaim that he was a glass half-empty kind of guy. And, as negative as that seems, Tom was 150% all for Jesus.  

Tom’s trust and dependence on Jesus was off the charts.   

Throughout his ministry and life, Tom taught us that each struggle, each loss, each new ailment was another opportunity to lean on Jesus.  Although life could be frustrating, boring, difficult and disappointing, Tom never wanted to press the “out” button. He didn’t attempt to find an easy way to eradicate the pain.  Tom showed all of us how to push forward – never forgetting what Jesus did for us when He took our sins to the cross. And, because of Jesus, we have the expectation of spending eternity with Him.

So, when your team is 0-3, when you feel underappreciated and overlooked, and when your latest Amazon delivery wasn’t the ultimate you thought it would be, take heart.  Jesus is ALL you need. He is ALL THAT and He did what no one else can do. If He is your Savior, He gives you, His child, life to the full and eternal life with Him. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

If you haven’t been online at prioritylivingaz.org recently, check out the video section and “see” Tom in action at https://www.prioritylivingaz.org/videos. We are uploading Tom’s lessons from Redemption Church.  Please share the videos, audios and the overall site with friends and family. Tom’s ministry lives on because of you.  Thank you for your prayers, support and love.   

Go Hawks! 

Sharon Coleman